Restoration Earth

After much work, Dr. Batten MacDowell and her colleague Dr. Mark Schroll have completed issue 1 of Restoration Earth: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Nature & Civilization. You may now download to read! Issue 1, Vol. 1, 2011

Read RE:IJSNC, Issue 1, Volume 2, May 2012.

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Ocean Seminary College is committed to providing excellence in shamanistic, neopagan, and traditional faith-based education to facilitate each student's intellectual growth; personal transformation and well-being; and a restored, ecstatic connection with the Earth and the Divine through a nondiscriminatory community of seekers. Further, the seminary prides itself on ensuring equitable access through maintaining a tuition-free program for individuals on public/federal assistance programs and low-cost tuition fee of $50 dollars billed twice per year at the start of Fall/Winter semester and Spring/Summer semester..

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